1st Choice Jobs are a recruiting agency specialising in the IT Industry. I met Director, Rachel through a Network B2B group and after me twisting her arm into working with me we came up with a concept for an animated explainer video.

The brief was to get across what 1st Choice Jobs offer a candidate looking for a job. Rachel is a delight to work with. She allows you to use your creative judgement but has a very particular vision and excellent sense of copy. Also - and anybody who works with Rachel will back me up - she is a bundle of energy, enthusiasm, humour and calls a spade a spade. Which is excellent when going through a creative process like this. We are already working on the next video focusing on what the client can expect from 1st Choice Jobs.

If you're a company that wants to stand out with your visual content, feel free to contact me through the website and we can discuss a project.

And...if you're looking for a job in IT, contact Rachel at 1st Choice Jobs and she'll get you into an awesome role before you know it!

Well here it is, our 1st Choice Jobs 'Candidate' animated video. Cue applause and fireworks.

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