Aspire are an amazing company in Folkestone that provide care for people in their own homes. I had the privilege to spend a day shooting with the staff members and clients in order to create a body of visual content for their website and social channels.

So much of creating engaging visual content, is about making  the most of your time 'on set'. Gone of the 'good old days' where you could shoot for a day, cut together a promo film, client sticks it on their website and you both skip merrily into the sunset. Nowadays - it's more about how best you can shoot for multiple videos and photographs for multiple channels to ensure the client gets the most value from the content.

With that in mind, myself and the team from Aspire Home Care got planning! We decided on 2 longer form videos, 3 'cut down' clips and brand photography like this....

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

All content produced was focused on why Aspire is a brilliant company to work for or why you should choose Aspire for your support at home.

The best part....all footage was going to be filmed in a day! Working this way has two big advantages. One - with the limited time, it focuses the mind to ensure you squeeze everything you can from the shoot. And two - the client gets more 'bang for their buck' and doesn't have me poking the camera around for any longer than necessary!

Massive thanks to Katherine from Smart Marketing for the referral.

If you want to start planning your next project, let's jump on a zoom call, or grab a coffee. Simply hit the link below :) 

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