Beach Within Reach 29/11/16 - Ben Bowles

In these modern times, cynical and negative stories are so prevalent that it skews your  reality into thinking that the world is a shit. Then all of a sudden a conversation with someone genuinely inspiring can flip that perception on it's arse.This was one of those meetings.....

Debbie runs a small charity called Beach Within Reach which provides special wheelchairs for people who might struggle to access the beach. This means that individuals can enjoy the wonders of the sand without fear of missing out and families can be together as a whole. Debbie spoke with real passion for the project. Despite difficulties with funding and resources the charity continues to grow and the aim is for new chairs to be in situ soon.

Beach Within Reach are launching a new website shortly so needed a few shots of the beaches where the chairs are situated. The major issue with the shoot was coordinating the weather, the diary and the tides in order to get the shots needed. So, a project that should have taken a morning took a shade under a month! Once the stars aligned, it was a case of not trying to be too clever or too cute, but rather simple images that serve a use to the viewer. A continuous mantra that I bang on about is the privilege of photography. Taking the camera out, being out in the fresh air and capturing what I see is something you can't take for granted. Therefore I was delighted to be involved especially as Debbie is doing sterling work for the local community.

However great this project is, it would be remiss of me not to mention Debbie's dark secret..... she supports Aston Villa. This wouldn't be such a bad thing (everybody is allowed to make unwise decisions) but as a Newcastle fan, we have never forgiven Villa for mocking us when us when relegated in 2009. Oh well, you can't have it all eh!?!

I would urge anyone to get involved with Beach Within Reach- you can follow the adventure on twitter  @beachwithinreach. 

Until next time comrades, see you on the flip side


Benjamin x

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