CDS Co-operatives - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Promo, website and headshots for CDS Co-operatives- a community led housing association.

Best bit

It's always exciting working with a new company. Especially when all the shoots are different. During my time shooting for CDS, I sat in on meetings, visited their housing sites and captured headshots (never popular with staff!). Throughout the whole process, the staff and tenant's couldn't have been more help and the whole atmosphere of the organisation is welcoming and friendly.

Shooting conditions

During headshots, the lighting was fully controlled by me so it was a case of adjusting slightly for height and skin tone of the staff members. The board meetings however were under the usual office fluorescent/tungsten light so getting a balance between the ISO and shutter speed was the challenge to be hurdled.

Favourite shot

On a site visit, the brief was to get some shots of a CDS building and tenant's in Folkestone. For me, this shot represents a housing authority who takes pride in their houses and the results are plain to see. I can honestly say this was not staged!!!

Follow CDS on Twitter  @CDSCooperatives to keep up to date with the latest happenings.


Benjamin X

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