CDS Co-operatives community hub opening - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

CDS co-operative community hub opening- Dartford.

Best part

Documenting local residents and CDS coming together to celebrate a brand new community hub. Being an event photographer for days like this is an absolute pleasure. Your job is to keep your eye's peeled for moments unfolding and be in the right position to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the day. If you've done your job properly people looking at the photos who weren't at the event will have a real sense of the occasion.

Favourite shot

For future events I might put on my rider that I need an 'Eva'. What is an Eva I hear you ask!? Eva is a member of staff that was smiling and laughing throughout the day and basically being a photographers dream. This shot is a great illustration of the joy she brings.

CDS co-operatives are at the forefront of community-led housing. Give them a follow on Twitter @CDScooperatives to join the revolution!


Benjamin x

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