The first rule of fight club….nope, wrong blog! The first rule of creating videos is have a plan B! During a recent shoot with coach and hypnotherapist Charles Whitaker, I’m glad we did!

Charles wanted a short film to promote his services coaching young professionals. So we got to work in a very sunny (but cold and windy!) Margate.

Back to plan B! The plan we had was to shoot Charles’s ‘talking head’ with sea as the background – sounds perfect right? However, the biting wind and a nearby personal trainer’s ‘boom box’ (that’s what they call it nowadays isn’t it?!) ensured a terrible combination to record audio. So not to be defeated - a solid option was to record the audio in Charles’s car and then film the ‘cut away’s’ that would provide the visual interest for the film. On lookers must have been a bit bemused as - due to lockdown guidance being followed – I was on the outside of the car listening through a partially opened window!

‘When life gives you wind and a boom box, record audio in a car’. Ben Bowles.

Thanks to Charles for being a delight to work with and collaborating on the project. He can be found at if you need some advice and support.

If you're interested in discussing a project, feel free to contact me through the site. 

Here’s the film!

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