Crossing Lines is a huge outdoor production mixing performance art, set pieces, music and video projection. The event was an hour long story that oozed energy, talent and style. Performed by 30 young people at Radnor Park in Folkestone, I was lucky enough to shoot the event for the Creative Foundation. But this was no ordinary show to capture.

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The performers moved from stage to stage whilst the platforms weaved in and out of the crowd who themselves were totally transfixed. Usually when there is a stage and I'm shooting a performance, there is limited movement. However, this was a very different animal. Following the performance I was constantly trying to get the best angle and then as soon I was in position, everything would shift again. Rather than getting frustrated, I found myself just smiling at the wonderfully chaotic scenes in front of me. Not having time to compose every shot as you would plan, I relied on instinct. Something I found exhilarating.

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So many shoots are planned with clear parameters but if I had implemented a more structured method, I would have failed miserably. The show was all about raw energy so in my photos I wanted to convey that. My only option was to get wrapped up in the performance, not think, just shoot. I have talked in the past about being in a zen like state whilst taking photos. Movements flow, timing is on point and you're in your own bubble. You're in control of everything but nothing at the same time. It's difficult to put into words without sounding pretentious but I can assure you, as a photographer shooting in this mode is something special.

As I hope I've got across, having the privilege to be a part of this event was amazing. The Creative Foundation continue to push the boundaries by bringing projects such as Crossing Lines to the people of Folkestone.

You can follow them on Twitter @creativefoundation to keep up to date with what's next.


Benjamin x

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