East Kent Mencap- 5/11/16 - Ben Bowles

Over the last couple of months I have been in a privileged position to be shooting for East Kent Mencap. They are launching a new website and wanted shots of the sessions taking place. The charity provides day support and activities for people with a range of disabilities. Art, fit club, photography, cooking and life skills are just some of the things on offer that the clients can access. Shooting 'behind the scenes' of these sessions is an absolute pleasure. The unbridled enjoyment of the clients, the patience and humour of the staff and the welcoming atmosphere all add up to a lovely place to shoot.

East Kent Mencap Funday

Shots wise, I thought it was important to show the interaction between the staff and clients. This is at the heart of the activities so getting those candid shots really capture the vibe of the work that is being done. Another favourite part of the shoot was meeting a chap who has a self contained flat connected to East Kent Mencap. Staff are on hand to help and hold regular meetings to see if they can support with appointments, goals etc. The client was very keen to show his organ playing skills. So I got a front row seat and shot a few frames of him doing the business.

Supported Housing

I have always said that shooting behind the scenes of an organisation is a privilege. This is especially true at East Kent Mencap. Every time I shoot there, it puts me in a positive mood and seeing an organisation genuinely make a difference in people's lives is inspiring.

Fit club and resource centre

You can follow their work and progress on Twitter  @EastKentMencap

Until the next time comrades, see you on the flipside!

Benjamin x 

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