However many times you do it, sending through photos to a client is always an anxious experience. Whether it's portraits, commercial photos or event shooting, sending through the client's images brings a certain amount of nerves. The process of photography means that you put alot of yourself into the photos you take. A famous photography quote by Ralph Steiner says that every photo is a self portrait. Not only is the client judging your skills as a photographer, they are making judgements on photos that -by definition- mean alot to you. Viewed like this, you can understand why submitting photos can be stressful for photographers. It can seem personal if the client is disappointed.

Every photograph is a self portrait 

The flipside of this, is when the client is delighted the feeling is amazing. Your skills as a photographer is reinforced and your personal vision is validated. If you're a photographer of any note, the photos that you take are a part of who you are. The composition in the shots and what's being communicate within the images shine a direct light into the soul of the photographer.

Sportsman who fail to get nervous before a big game often know it's time to retire. Similarly, when photographers aren't anxious about sending their photos over to a client, might it be time to hang up their photography boots? I'm not sure. But I am sure that photographers can use this whole process of nerves, anxiety and excitement as a vehicle to improve continuously- win win!


Benjamin x

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