Family Portrait session- Broadstairs - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Christmas themed family portrait session, Broadstairs, Kent 

Best part

Tempted to say the matching Christmas onesies but will resist! I loved the variety on this shoot. We started by taking a trip to Botany Bay for a few location shots before finishing with a studio style home shoot.

Lighting conditions

The Botany Bay was overcast but if you've read my blog before- overcast is never a bad thing for a portrait photographer. Nice even light with the sun poking through at times was perfect. The second part of the shoot was under my continuous lights. No dramatic lighting needed here so I set them up at around 45 degrees, just over head hight from the family and shot away.

Favourite shot

The thrill of shooting on location is opportunities can present themselves in a second. As we were walking back to the cars, I noticed the sun appearing just over the horizon, so quickly assembled everybody to capture this sunset shot. A bit of editing to give the photo some 'pop' and.....voila!!!!!

If you would like to discuss a family portrait, feel free to get in contact through the website or call me on 07731 769601.


Benjamin x

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