Family portrait- Faversham - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Family portrait shoot, Faversham.

Best part

 Outside family portrait shoots are always a bit of a lottery with the natural surroundings. However, for this particular session a big Oast House, a hop farm opposite and a park 30 seconds walk away ensured I had little to worry about. The brief was to get natural looking photographs of the 3 generations of family so my rationale was to use the environment as a big prop. When people are doing things naturally you get the best photos so as a photographer you've got to be ready at any second to grab the candid reactions and moments. There was a few 'posed shots' but generally they came organically as the family were having fun.

Shooting conditions

Hot hot hot hot sun! Perfect if you want to lounge on the beach with an espresso martini (a drink I am slightly obsessed with) but not if you're a photographer outside. The main thing I had to be aware of was harsh shadows on people's faces and the dreaded squinting so shaded areas were the order of the day. I will never ever complain about working outside in the sun so being a bit picky on where to shoot is a price worth paying.

Favourite shot

For me, a photographers job is to capture a moment that illicits an emotion. When I shot this, I felt that what stood in front of me was a genuinely special moment. What a privilege that is, for a photographer! 

If you want to discuss a portrait session, feel free to get in contact through the website or go crazy and call me on 07731 769601.


Benjamin X

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