Folkestone Book Festival 2017 - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Folkestone Book Festival 2017 at The Quarterhouse- Folkestone.

Best part

Taking photographs of world class authors over 10 days! Paying customers don't want an event photographer clicking all the way through a talk so my remit was to get in, get the shots and get out. This gave me time to listen to a number of the talks. From the inspiring Francesca Martinez (@chessmartinez) and Juno Dawson ( @junodawson) to the world expanding Roman Krznaric (@romankrznaric) and Jamie Bartlett (@jamiejbartlett).Talk after talk were superb.

Favourite shot

Having to shoot a similar set over the festival means as a photographer, you need to play around a bit regarding composition. This simple photo of Inua Ellams (@inuaellams) is a good illustration of that. Rather than putting the subject right in the middle, placing him in different parts of the frame adds a bit of interest and dynamism to the photo. Well, I hope so anyway!!!

To keep up to date with next year's programme, follow @fstonebookfest. 


Benjamin x

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