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A couple of years ago, a life long WWE fan sat down and thought 'I know what the world needs, it needs a UK based WWE podcast that celebrates the wonderful and weird world of professional wrestling'. So that's what James Delow set out to do. Since forming the podcast Gorilla Position, he has steadily built a core following that has bought in to the humorous, content rich and communal feel of the show. Fast forward 2 years, he is backstage preparing to address a sold out crowd at the O2 Indigo, London. To celebrate Gorilla Position turning 100 episodes old, resident hosts James Delow, Ash Rose and Skillit presented the live podcast which included interviews with WWE stars Finn Balor and Bayley, surprise appearances and general hi- jinx that Gorilla Position is renowned for.

James Delow presenting GP 100 at the Indigo, O2.

When James contacted me to shoot the show, I was thrilled to be involved and the brief was simple. Document the show and capture candid shots from backstage. On stage, the lighting was really clear and bright so switching to spot lighting on the camera ensured the subject really popped. Once the settings were decided, it was a case of composing the shots. The great thing about shooting events like this is you have to be aware and on the ball at all times. If you switch off and miss the shot, there are no second chances. Backstage and upstairs at the bar, the lighting was similar to what you would find in a standard lounge. That is, normal overhead bulb lighting. For these shots, the ISO needed to be raised and at times flash was used by bouncing it off the ceiling.

Surprise guest Stu Bennet grapples a punter at the VIP party

The event itself was a massive success. The crowd were totally immersed in the show bringing the notorious WWE fan passion to the proceedings whilst the WWE talent answered questions from the fans with humbleness and modesty. The flow of the show was perfectly pitched and James settled into the host role effortlessly. Knowing how much preparation and work went into the production of GP 100, massive congratulations needs to be extended to the whole crew who put in the hard yards. This effort ensured the show was seemless and a fitting tribute to the WWE universe.

WWE stars Finn Balor and Bayley share a joke on the GP 100 sofa.

Turning my camera off at the end of the night, I genuinely thought this was the start of something special. Who knows how far the GP vehicle will travel, but it's going to be fun finding out!

For updates, debate and interaction follow the GP crew at @wwegp

Rapper and co-host Skillit is greeted by the GP fans

Until next time comrades, see you on the flip side.


Benjamin X

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