You're a small business and you've invested in some video content. Now that's a big deal!

Make sure you get the most value from it by following my advice below!

- If possible, work with your videographer to shoot content suitable for multiple platforms. The more platforms you're on means more views! Here's a few to think about: Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, Newsletters and of course....your website.

- Film 'cut down clips' for social media. These can be mini trailers for the master video or stand-alone videos. They are short, sharp and snappy clips to build brand awareness. And if you followed my advice above - these clips will be on MULTIPLE PLATFORMS! Win win!

- Have your master video front and centre on your website. A lot of people prefer to press play rather than read a lot of copy.

- Use subtitles where appropriate. Some content may be watched without sound so don't waste all that work just for people not to hear the message!

And there you have it - 4 ways you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to producing an exceptional promo film that showcases your business perfectly!

The Story of Kevin - promo film for CDS

Luckily for you - all the above is standard for all my videos (it's like I planned it!) so if you want to discuss a project you can rest easy that you'll be getting the best value possible.

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