I am totally guilty of being distracted by my phone and technology in general. Checking emails, posting on social media and sending instant messages always gets a lot of my attention. However, this is isn't a post that will talk about the negatives of social media etc, but rather the antidote to a 21st century life. And you won't be surprised to know, the cure is photography.

When I'm shooting, I am in my own little world totally present in the moment. Nothing else enters my mind apart what's in front of me and how I'm going to capture it. It's a meditation of sorts. Complete concentration and involvement in one activity that is all consuming.There is simply no room for any other thoughts to creep in to your consciousness because if they do, as a photographer you're in trouble. A missed moment is like kryptonite to us lot.

 In this day and age being totally present with your thoughts is a rare and precious thing. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter meaning we are living through the 'scan and move on generation' ( I coined that phrase by the way, it's pretty awful but I'm claiming it! ). Our brains have become so nimble at receiving information and moving onto the next post, the next photo, the next video, the next instant message the next page - giving your full attention to an activity seems to be a lost art. As I said at the beginning of this, I am very guilty of being distracted by technology. That's why I am very thankful that I have photography. It forces me to be fully present allowing me to notice, see and experience what is in front of me. 

What a gift that is.


Benjamin x 

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