With combat sport fighters putting their bodies through severe punishment day in, day out, anything that can aid recovery and reduce pain will always be popular. CBD oil has now become the 'go to' supplement within the fight community. Hoping to put a dent in the market is Kent based company, ICBD Global - a CBD company specialising in hand made organic CBD products. CEO Darren Hunter wanted to create some bespoke content focusing on combat sports and how CBD can help fighters. So we got chatting!

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ICBD sponsored fighter - Lewis Thorne recovering in-between rounds

The first shoot was with MMA fighter Lewis Thorne at Fightzone in London. For the images to work on a commercial level, I needed to get across how hard fighters work during sessions and place the brand front and centre. So it was a case of picking my moments to shoot when all elements were in the frame. Luckily for me, Lewis is an absolute workhorse so by the end of the session, sweat was pouring off him!

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Commercial shoots are all about telling a visual story whilst putting the brand in focus

The second promo shoot was in Hastings at The Gracie Barra gym. ICBD sponsor head coach Paul Bridges, so we took the opportunity to photograph him coaching. It was then a case of setting up a mini studio to photograph him with ICBD Global products under lights. My favourite photo of the shoot was this black and white portrait - with added finger tape and BJJ black belt to add some authenticity!

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BJJ coach - Paul Bridges 

From the initial chat to wrapping the shoot, Darren was an absolute joy to work with. So much of business is down to its leader and ICBD Global are in safe hands. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious and I have no doubt that ICBD Global will grow to be a leading name in the industry. You can follow the journey and get more information on Insta @icbdglobal or on the website at www.icbdglobal.com. 


Benjamin x 

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