Standing on a train platform at 6.20am before a shoot, I suddenly realised how hardwired my brain is. Looking across the platform, my inner dialogue went something like this. 'So, if I was taking a portrait over there, how would I use that street light? I could use the brick work as a nice background, especially with the light coming in from that angle. Would it be worth changing level to get a great point of view? And what kind of settings would I be using? Would I need to raise the ISO so my shutter speed would be fast enough, or bring a tripod? Probably not a tripod as I like the natural movement of shooting handheld'......etc etc etc.

Untitled photo


It's not really surprising that my brain has been hijacked by photography. If I'm not on a shoot, I'm editing photos from a shoot. If I'm not editing, I will be reading about photography and if I'm not reading I will be listening to podcasts about, you guessed it... photography. For me it's photography, but I think that anybody who has a burning passion can relate to this mindset. I also think that it's one of life's great gifts. To be utterly obsessed with a pursuit motivates, provides focus and gives a vehicle for self improvement. I've never been the type of person to be balanced- it seems to be 'all in' or nothing. So in a similar way, I could never just see photography as a hobby and I am very lucky to have it as a career.

Jon Beaty wrote a book titled 'If you're not growing you're dying'. This perfectly sums up my attitiude towards photography with my quest to grow and develop as a photographer and as a person. By pushing myself further each day, the journey of self discovery and improvement is a brilliantly relentless ride to be on.

All this from waiting on a train platform at stupid o clock in the morning!


Benjamin xx

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