Killacam Fight Night MMA 22/4/17 - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Killacam fight night 12 at the Winter Gardens

Best parts?

 The amazing atmosphere and being up close and personal shooting the fighters. I have followed MMA for a while now- the dedication, hard work and motivation needed to get to this level is incredible. Fighters prepare tirelessly for these moments in the ring so capturing the ebb and flow of the bouts is such a privilege.

Shooting conditions?

Spotlights were on the ring so there was good light. However, freezing the action required around 1/500th of a second shutter speed so the ISO had to be ramped up to around 5000. The main challenge though was to frame the shots well. The action is so fast that it's a case of 'stalking' the fighters looking for the decisive moment to squeeze the shutter.

Favourite shot?

Luckily, Jake Grant and Romain Roberts  were on my side of the cage giving me the perfect view point to capture this roundhouse kick.

The next event of Killacam is in October so to get the details, follow @killacamMMA on Twitter.

Until next time, see you soon comrades


Benjamin x

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