Leprechaun Liquids - Promotional shoot - Ben Bowles

Leprechaun Liquids are a Margate based Vape company. With an imminent launch in mind, business owner Steve O Keefe wanted a few photographs for promotional purposes. So, with foam background, lighting and tripod in tow, I got to work.

In product shoots, I'm always aware how easy it is to over complicate things. As a photographer, your job is to shoot an image that is clean, sharp and shows off the product. The Vapes were very colourful therefore I wanted to capture the vibrancy without them looking fake and 'overdone'. There was no need to be super creative, so a simple set up of a white background and a daylight temperature light above the camera worked did the trick. 

Ironically, the most time-consuming part of the shoot was the background. I massively underestimated how big some of the Vape holders were meaning my background was too small. I had the choice of 'making do' and subsequently spending hours editing the background or head to Hobby Craft for some white foam. I am a big believer in getting it right on set - so I chose the latter. After 'background gate', I simply set up the mini studio again and worked though the products. Bish, bash, bosh!

If you're a company looking for commercial photography, feel free to get in contact through the website or call me on 07731 769601. 


Benjamin x

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