Lucy Freeman- Portrait session - Ben Bowles

What was the Shoot?

Portrait session with the actress, radio presenter and playwright Lucy Freeman at The Sands Hotel, Margate.

How did it go?

For me, so much of a portrait session is about the first 15 minutes before I even get the camera out of the bag. What could be more off putting for the model than giving direction and shooting straight away without breaking the ice? If people are comfortable, you can guarantee that the photos will show it. So myself and Lucy chatted away for a while before I got to work. The Sands Hotel is an amazing place to shoot in. Huge windows diffused the light so nicely that no artificial lighting was needed at all. The only thing required was a silver reflector underneath Lucy to add a touch of fill light and to give her eyes some 'pop'. Then it's a case of working round Lucy with different angles and a bit of direction here and there.

Favourite shot

Due to time constraints, this was one of the last shots at The Sands. When the light wraps around the subject so well, it's a matter of not over complicating things. Get the framing and settings locked in and let the light do the heavy lifting. Bish bash bosh! Many thanks to Lucy for being such awesome company!

If you want to discuss a portrait project, feel free to get in contact through the website or on 07731 769601.


Benjamin x

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