Margate Bookie 2016 - Ben Bowles

Seems like a long time ago now, but it was such fun that it deserved a blog post! In August I shot an afternoon and evening of the Margate Bookie 2016. The festival was a 2 day feast of talks and workshops focusing on various subjects from the literary world. Andreas Loizou with his trusty advisor/right hand women/speaker of sense, Gemma Pettman, worked tirelessly to organise such a varied event which brought Margate together.

Margate Bookie- bringing Margate together

A great privilege of being a photographer is getting amazing access to events like this. Once you've nailed down the settings and have an idea of shots needed, you can enjoy the content of the festival....and the content was awesome!

The great David Quantick

I was shooting a very diverse range of speakers from award winning writers and aspiring authors (David Quantick, Philip Whiteley) to Margate's very own spoken word genius Salena Godden. All speakers brought something different and inspiring to the audience and as a photographer, shooting in the Sands Hotel is a complete joy due to the soft light bursting through the windows! In terms of shots, being an event photographer is about getting a mixture of close ups, mid range and more panoramic shots that convey the atmosphere of the day.

The uber talented Philip Whiteley and Salena Godden

Word on the street is that organising Margate Bookie 2017 is well underway. If that's the case then I would urge anyone with even a passing interest of literature or the arts to get involved. It's sure to be a great event! Margate really is gaining some momentum and with amazing events like this, the future looks very bight indeed.

For updates, fun and frolics follow the Bookie @MargateBookie

Until the next time comrades, see you on the flip side!


Benjamin x  

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