Margate Supper - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Margate Supper events - Chilham and Morgans Dance hall in Margate

Best part

Watching and capturing the process of feeding 100's of people from start to finish. Margate supper's head honcho Tomas was coolness personified throughout the service and his staff were on hand to help everything run smoothly. Who said head chef's need to be a sweary mess by the end of service?!?!

Shooting conditions

Both events presented slightly different challenges. The Chilham kitchen was under artifical light so the ISO was ramped up to let enough light in whilst Morgans Dance Hall was outside and bathed in golden sun. Perfect for shooting but the venue was absolutely rammed so half the challenge was to keep my camera away from unsuspecting faces!

Favourite shot

Tomas wanted a shot of the whole team after the service. The brick wall just had to used and turning it black and white gave the impression of an album cover- which in my humble opinion is never a bad thing. 

Seeing Tomas and his team in full flow I would have no doubts or hesitation to recommend them to anyone who needs quality catering. He just so happens to be a top guy too- which always helps! Get in touch with him on twitter @Margate_Supper or his website


Benjamin x

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