One in the Oven- 3/2/17 - Ben Bowles

On a crisp and sunny Monday morning I headed to Dover in a very different mood to everyone else on their commute. Why? Well because unlike everyone else, I was spending my day taking photos of doughnuts!

Kirsty Turner started One in the Oven over 2 years with the vision to create fresh brioche doughnuts with out of the ordinary fillings and flavours. The range at present includes popcorn, salted caramel, granola, raspberry, coconut plus the ever popular maple and bacon. Regularly selling out at festivals and food markets, Kirsty wanted to crank her business up a notch so decided that she would sell her doughnuts online through her website. In order to do this, photos were needed to show off the goods.

One in the Oven- run by Kirsty Turner

The shoot was a blast. My aim was to capture what the business is all about- handmade produce that's a world away from the faceless and mass produced factory rubbish. That's why Kirsty went through the whole process of making the doughnuts from beginning to end with me getting shots as she went. This also had the benefit of me getting to try the doughnuts after they were finished! Next up were the doughnut 'portraits'. Once the tripod and lighting were set up, Kirsty was like a proud mum looking at her children being photographed at school. The set up was super simple. One continuous light to the side, the camera mounted on a tripod, and a timer of 10 seconds to avoid any camera shake. We decided that each doughnut should have a couple of different angles to show off the toppings and filling oozing out. This way the customers will get a real sense of what delights await them!

The doughnut 'portrait'

I love being 'behind the scenes' of a business and getting an insight into why it's successful. Kirsty's secret.....There are no short cuts and no magic formula- It takes long hours, resilience and drive to build the business but as she said on the day, " if it was easy, everybody would be doing it". This attitude goes along way to show why Kirsty and One in the Oven Doughnuts are going from strength to strength. That, and the fact the doughnuts are stupidly good!

Magic behind the scenes

You can follow the journey on twitter @oneintheovenct1 or on Insta @one_in_the_oven

Until next time comrades, see you on the flip side. 


Benjamin x 

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