An aspect that I love about my job is the variation. One day I can be shooting a wedding the next I can be producing a business video and the day after I can work with people like Pauline! Pauline is a poet who needed a performance video for her book and tour promotion. Think music video.... but for poetry!

Pauline's poem 'The Playlist' is all about how certain songs can provide the soundtrack to your life so what better way to shoot than Margate record shop ‘Elsewhere’. Once on location we recorded the poem numerous times from different angles so the visuals would have lovely variation and we finished the shoot by heading down to the beach for the emotional closing scene.

Working with Pauline was an absolute joy and hearing the process of how she crafts her poems was fascinating. I'm really pleased with how the poem and her brilliant performance translated to the film. Here it is!!!

If you are a business (or poet!) and want to tell your brand story - feel free to start the conversation below ✌️

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