Phoenix Community Housing -6/11/16 - Ben Bowles

During late summer, Phoenix Community Housing booked me to shoot a couple of community events for them. Event photography is one of my favourite types of work, so I was thrilled to add them to my diary. Phoenix Community Housing are a housing association with a twist. Based in Bromley, they are resident led meaning that any big decisions, current issues and future plans are discussed with current tenants. The Chair and Vice Chair are tenants themselves. This in turn creates a culture of mutual respect and a shared voice in moving the community forward.

The events I covered were a summer fun day and a diversity day. Both days were different but were similar in a crucial way- they bring the local community together. Children and adults alike are welcome and are urged to experience activities, young families get to spend time together and potentially socially isolated people feel part of something inclusive.

For me, event shooting is all about getting across the feel of the day. It's those fleeting moments of interaction, the unexpected happenings and little details that make up the day. As a photographer, your job is not to relax for a minute. Your eyes have to be constantly scanning for the next shot, then the next and then the next ( you get the idea!). Take it easy for a period of time and you potentially miss the moment of the event. You can't be everywhere but if you're not shattered after photographing an event, you're not doing it right!

I have been lucky enough to be booked again in December for Phoenix Housing- so might well do a follow up blog.

Either way, I know it's going to be a blast to shoot, and yes... I will be knackered after!

You can follow Phoenix Housing's journey at @phoenixtogether.


Until next time comrades, see you on the flipside!

Benjamin x

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