Phoenix Festival 2017 - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Phoenix Community Housing Festival May 2017 

Best bits

I have been lucky enough to work with Phoenix Housing for while now but I am always amazed how forward thinking and community orientated they are as an organisation. The annual festival is a great illustration of this.The event is a completely free festival including live music, workshops, food stalls, football sessions, birds of prey, train rides and the ever popular bubble maker! The atmosphere was one of pure joy, excitement and fun with families and individuals coming out in their thousands!

Shooting conditions/settings

Showers threatened through out the day but never dampened the spirit of the families attending. The difficulty of outside shooting can be the harsh directional sunlight. However, due to the changeable weather this luckily wasn't an issue, meaning the only settings that had to be tinkered with were the standard ISO and aperture changes when going in and out of the tents. Shooting events is all about getting those fleeting moments without having to think about settings etc so having decent conditions makes this process a lot easier.

Favourite shot

A crowd of people watching the entertainment and a moment of unrivalled joy between an adult and child. With every shot I take, I try and convey or communicate something to the viewer so my hope is that this photo sums up the vibe and ethos of the day.

As always, I had a blast shooting the event. Massive congratulations go to the whole Phoenix team who put on a great day!

You can follow their journey @phoenixtogether 


Benjamin x

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