With the Spring Margate Bookie 2018 not far away, I caught up with the main man Andreas for a quick portrait shoot. For anybody that hasn't heard of the Margate Bookie- it's billed as the friendly lit fest by the sea. Whether you're local or from out of town, Andreas and the team put on a great show to celebrate all things books.

Untitled photo

I've known Andreas for nearly two years since shooting the Bookie in 2016, so this shoot was a fun one. We would just chat for a few minutes in a location, shoot a few frames and move on to the next. For a portrait photographer, trying to get the character of a person in a photo is the main challenge. If through the photo, a viewer can get a sense of the person without knowing them, I've done my job properly.

Untitled photo

For me this photo sums up Andreas. Friendly, affable and just a thoroughly good bloke to be around.

Untitled photo

The Margate Bookie kicks off on 5th May. Follow them on Twitter @margatebookie or www.margatebookie.com and get involved.


Benjamin x

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