Jack Bowden is a singer songwriter from Canterbury. He needed a few promo photos so we got chatting. After said chats and postponements (Jack had a hangover!) we met up on a cold Margate evening. Here's what happened.

Singing for your supper can make you a little uptight and self important but thankfully we had none of that in this shoot. Despite hating having his photo taken, Jack was great company. Like most of the portrait sessions I photograph, we walk and talk then I'll see a nice location so we'll take a few photos before moving onto the next.

The nice thing about shooting singer songwriters is they often bring a guitar which acts as a perfect prop. In portrait shoots, hands are key. Sounds silly but hands communicate so much in a photo and if they are just left, the subject will look uneasy and stiff. Playing a guitar totally cures this difficulty. This meant that to get natural looking photos, Jack could just play guitar with me giving a bit of direction on where to look, his gesture and standing positions.

Jack didn't want ultra serious 'head shot' type photos, rather more laid back and candid images that get across his personality. Therefore, most of the photos have Jack looking off camera rather than right down the lens.

It was great to shoot with Jack. Not only is he a super nice guy, he is talented too. A great combination! He gigs all over Kent and beyond so if you get the chance, make sure you check him out. Additionally he is on all the main social media channels so follow him at @Jackjack743 on Twitter and @jackbowdenmusic on Insta.


Benjamin x 

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