Let’s set the scene. You’ve seen a photographer’s work you like and they are available for your big day. Great news! You then arrange a client meeting and you don’t have clue on what to ask them? Luckily, the photographer will probably take the lead but just in case they don’t – here are THE TOP 3 ALTERNATIVE WEDDING QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! I capitalised it, so it must be important!

1. What is THEIR favourite part of the day?

Chuck them a curveball! Ask your wedding photographer what part of the day they like shooting the best. Why would you ask this?! Well, you want a photographer to love shooting weddings so much that they become excited when chatting about bridal prep, the ceremony, the portraits or the first dance etc – you want to see that ‘glint’ in their eyes! If you get a sense that the photographer in front of you loves what they do… put an imaginary tick next to his or her name.

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2. What is your approach to the day?

There are so many ways to shoot a wedding. You can have a photographer who wants everything ‘just so’ before taking any photos. They take great pleasure in ordering people around and ensuring everybody knows that they are a very important person on the day. On the other side of this imaginary fence, you have a ‘fly on the wall’ photography approach that captures the moments of the day as they happen – completely unscripted and unrehearsed. Whatever your preference is, (pick fly on the wall, pick fly on the wall!!) you have to choose what is best for you. Asking this question upfront is key to ensure you get the photos you want but also a positive experience. Remember, this person is going to be around all day! 

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3. Can we request specific photos on the day?

Is there a relative you want particular attention paid to? Have you seen an awesome wedding portrait that you want to replicate? Specific photos generally need to be discussed before the day so the photographer has a ‘heads up’ and can plan accordingly. The photographer wants to do an amazing job for you, so they’ll accommodate wherever possible. And if they don’t want to go above and beyond? Please don’t book them!

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I hope it has gone some way to help anybody wading their way through the murky world of booking a wedding photographer. If you’re looking to book a photographer and want to ask me some questions (spoiler alert, I know the answers to the above!), feel free to hit the button below.

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