Smugglers Cottage Promo Video - Ben Bowles

Lovingly renovated and restored, Smugglers Cottage is tucked away in Margate's Old Town and offers guests a lovely mix of old and new. Owners Gary and Margit wanted a short film to promote the great b and b so myself and Jack got to work.

In a shoot like this I felt it was important that the b and b spoke for itself. Smugglers Cottage didn't need ultra creative sound effects and compositions- our job was to document the place with simple shots ensuring people would get a real feel for the place. Due to the video needing to be around 2 mins, we limited ourselves to a couple of establishing shots with details thrown in for good measure. Slow, directional panning was also used to get across the tranquil vibe of the environment.

Gary and Margit have done a brilliant job making Smugglers Cottage both modern with a shed load of character. For first hand evidence, see below for the finished video.

You can follow Smugglers Cottage on Twitter @smugglersct9 or go to the website at for more information. 


Benjamin x 

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