Ted Wolf Taekwon-Do Academy - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Ted Wolf Taekwon- Do Academy, Margate.

Best part?

When you have the privilege to shoot behind the scenes, it is fascinating to see talent up close. Over the 2 shoots at Ted Wolf's academy, I saw a bucket load. Whether it be children practicing the basics until they become second nature or sparring in preparation for the world championships, the dedication and hard work was incredible- my job was to capture it. How lucky am I?

Shooting conditions

Artificial lighting and very little natural light in the gym meant pushing the ISO up a touch. With the ISO high, I could get a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action. Focusing wise, continuous focus was a must!

Favourite shot

With the action happening fast, these kind of shoots require the right settings, being in the right place at the right time and a healthy dose of luck. During the edit, it was a real buzz seeing all three of these components come together for this shot.

For more information on the Ted Wolf academy visit www.wolftkd.com or follow the main man @JamaineHemmings on twitter. 


Benjamin x 

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