What was the shoot?

The Scorchers- The Loft, Maidstone

Best part

Having the best seats in the house for a brilliant set of rock steady ska. The Scorchers are fan favourites of the scene and regularly sell out venues with their up beat infectious rhythms and soul. Even though I was concentrating on getting the shots, by song 2 I was bopping my head and tapping away without even thinking. As Gloria Estefan once famously said, "the rhythm is gonna get you".

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Shooting conditions

Pretty standard for a small venue. Stage lighting, high iso, fast shutter. Although, to get the movement of the crowd, for a few shots I dragged the shutter to get some motion blur. Due to the stage lighting moving pretty quickly, for a lot of the shots I would stay in position for a few seconds to ensure the lighting lit the artists faces well.

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Favourite shot

I love the way the saxophone silhouettes against the screen behind. I actually noticed the potential shot near the beginning of the set but took a bit of time to get into the position.

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I will be shooting the Scorchers for their up and coming gigs and promo push in the next few months. If this set is anything to go by, it's going to be a good summer!

Follow them at @scorchersband

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Benjamin x

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