Who doesn't love a list!? Well I bloody love a list so I thought I would put together a 'Top 5' must have photos for your wedding day. Of course, every single wedding is different (which is great!), but it'll give you a sense of what I look for on certain parts of the day.

#5 - 'The Prosecco or Whisky shot at Bride/Groom Prep' shot.

 - Dresses on, suits on. It's time to relax and clink glasses! Within minutes you'll be married so drink up.

Untitled photo

#4 The 'First Kiss' shot

- Well, come on. I had to include this one didn't I?!

Untitled photo

#3 The 'You've just got married, let's get you away from the guests for a few mins and take some awesome portraits' shot.

Feedback from couples say that just after the ceremony - a bit of time away to reflect on what has just happened is lovely. Of course, you'll have a photographer hanging around you both getting some photos, but you can't have it all eh!?

Untitled photo

#2 - The 'details during the day' shot

- Ok not really one photo, but a collection of images that get across the theme and personality of your day. Rings, flowers, colour schemes, favors, cufflinks, seating plans....you get the idea!

And in at number 1!!!

 - We have the 'moment where the couple look at one another in a way that sums up the whole day' shot.

This photo could be absolutely anywhere in the day - but once you see it, you'll know. Now of course a wedding is made up of so many moments, but for me these are my key shots to look for when shooting a big day. And do you know why? Because these are the snapshots in time that make the day YOURS!

Untitled photo

I suppose it wouldn’t be a blog if I didn’t try and give you a ‘call to action’ so here goes…..if you like the look of these photos and you’re looking to book a photographer for your wedding day – feel free to message me through the site and we can have a coffee! Also, more of my portfolio can be found under the 'Wedding Photography' tab. 

It would be great to hear from you :)


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