Wealden Literary Festival 2017 - Ben Bowles

What was the shoot?

Wealden Literary Festival , Woodchurch.

Best bits

Shooting the amazing festival in the beautiful grounds of Boldshaves. The feel was laidback but flowed perfectly with discussions and events all day. In between talks, the public could relax in the tranquil surroundings, sample the delights of local produce or wander through the nearby woods. All in all, there was something to entertain for all ages.

Shooting conditions

Positive- Overcast conditions meant even light.

Negative- a bit of blue sky would have been great to add some pop to the photos.

First world problems eh!?!

Best shot

Over night, Mark Cocker set a moth trap to catch some interesting species to show the kids. This shot summed up the vibe and feel of the whole festival- from adults to children, the weekend was all about passing on the wonder and thrill of literature and nature.

The line up, the grounds, the atmosphere and the theme all add up to the festival having a really bright future. It's only in it's 2nd year, but mark my words this will be here for a long time to come.

And I for one will drink to that! (Quite literally, I bought a 4 pack of mead before I left!)


Benjamin x 

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