With wedding season being well under way now. I've been giving some thought on what makes a great wedding.

So here goes:

1. The Bride and Groom sound obvious but the number 1 reason weddings are brilliant is the couple. If you're happy, then guests are happy, if guests are happy you've got 50 - 100 people's positive energy buzzing around. So make the day the YOU want. Whether it is a huge day or an intimate affair - pick what's right for you and everything else falls into place.

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2. The Venue

Not necessarily the grandest, not necessarily the poshest, the venue needs to be the right fit for you both. Want to make it a very individual wedding with non traditional timings and aspects of the day? Hunt for a venue that can be really flexible. Want a venue that wows you and your guests due to the big ceilings, chandeliers and moat? That's awesome too. The best weddings come from people doing what they want and how they want.

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3. The wedding photographer (Well I would say that wouldn't I?!)

No offence to the wedding favours, the cake, the chair covers, the food, flowers and bar bill but all those things are over within one day. Photos on the other hand live forever. What could be better than enjoying your honeymoon and then reliving the day all over again. So pick your photographer wisely. Make sure you love their photos but also ensure they're good to be around and you 'click' with them personally. 

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There is no science to a perfect wedding. But get these 3 things right and you are well on your way to arranging a magical day that you'll look back on for years to come. And after the Prosecco, whiskey, vows, confetti, speeches and the first dance - that's what a wedding is all about, right?

If you're still looking to tick off 'number 3' - it would be great to have a coffee/zoom/phone call to discuss things. And through the magic of the internet you can start the conversation by clicking the button below.

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