Documentary or candid wedding photography is essentially being a fly on the wall at a wedding. You blend in to capture the day as it happens. You don't manipulate the day to suit your 'visual art' needs or chase portfolio photos. If those special photos come along that's awesome but the day isn't about the photographer.

The job of a documentary wedding photographer – is to document the story of the day in a very unobtrusive way. Who wants to be bossed around by a photographer? Not you and probably not your guests either!

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Additionally, very few people are comfortable in front of the camera so a 'fly on the wall' style of shooting is a way to put people at ease and reduce the stress of the wedding day.

In short, shooting the day candidly is in my opinion, the best way to authentically get the feel, style and individualism of your day.

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Because natural moments are where the magic happens!

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If you want to discuss your day press the button below and we can arrange a coffee/zoom/call. It would be awesome to hear from you!

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