Being an event photographer is more than just showing up and shooting what you see. If you're hiring a photographer, here is a short list of the what you should expect from them.

 On time is late

Time is short in many events so a photographer rocking up just as it all gets going is never a good thing. They should allow 30 minutes to meet all the neccessary people, check the location for lighting and make rough plans for the 'go to' shots. This small amount of prep will allow the photographer to keep their head on the event without worrying what's next.

Image turnaround

In this fast moving world, quality photos need to be edited and sent through quickly for newsletters, social media and press releases. Your event photographer should be able to tell you when you can expect your photos. I would also say that an option should be given for a 24 hour turnaround. Maybe, this comes at a cost but it's great to have the flexibility.

Telling the story

The way I see event photography is a bit of a cliche. The photos should tell a story-a begining, middle and end. Photos shouldn't be from one viewpoint either. A mixture of high, low, details and wide shots should all be used to document the event. If a person attended the event, looking at the photos should bring memories flooding back and if a person wasn't there, the photos should give a good indication of what they missed out on!

Capture the money shot

Most events have an all important shot or shots that need to be captured.The whole point in hiring a professional event photographer is you can rely on the huge moments being photographed consistently. 

Be personable!

Just because they have a camera in their hands doesn't mean they can be an idiot. Being friendly, polite and professional should be a given for an event photographer. And guess what, if you're being a decent human being, people relax and the awesome candid moments seem to spring up everywhere. A win win!

Event photography is alot more than turning up and shooting. If you're thinking of hiring an event photographer this is a good starting point of what you should expect. If I've missed any points, feel free to connect with me on social media. Just search Benjamin Film and you'll see my ugly mug :)


Benjamin x

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