For the first time in around 27 years it seems, my dad and step mum came round to visit at the weekend. They bought beers, Christmas presents (in May!!) and a little book that got me genuinely emotional. During a loft clean up they found my grandparents wedding album from 1953!

10 small prints, in their own album with a handwritten introduction from the photographer. It was understated and genuinely beautiful.

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Unfortunately, they both passed away when I was young. I remember sharing some lovely times with them but wish that as an adult I could tap into their wisdom and perspectives on life over a cuppa.

But, in these black and white photographs - I was taken back nearly 70 years. I saw my grandparents how I'd never seen them, I saw the most special parts of the day and most importantly I felt connected to them. It also once again really brought home the true power of photography. I'm not talking about the Instagram fodder we upload for likes and 'engagement'. I'm talking about the kind of photography that take people back to another time all together, I'm talking about photography that is passed on from generation to generation to continue people's legacies.

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From a purely selfish point of you, my grandparent’s photo album also gave me a perfect reminder why wedding photography is so important to me. To potentially take photos that will be looked at by brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends to keep memories alive. What an incredible privilege that is.

So to all the couples that I have put their trust in me to tell their story - thank you.

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And to Barr Photography who photographed my grandparents wedding - you made a grandson very happy.

If you want to have a chat about wedding photography, or you want just me to look at your grandparents wedding album (I’m fine with either!!!) feel free to contact me below and we can have a chat :)

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