Time and time again you hear people say that they're getting the work/life balance wrong in their lives. And with good reason. Companies expect more from employees, people are working longer hours and budgets can sometimes be stretched. Being a freelance photographer you are no different so rather than wrestle with the balancing act, about 3 years ago I had a mindset shift.

I am in the extremely privileged and lucky position to do what I love for a living. So rather than think about work and life as separate entities I chose to combine the two and live what I call a photography lifestyle. This lifestyle means there are almost no days off and it means that most of my waking hours are dedicated to something photography related (an example being this blog- I'm writing it on a plane on my honeymoon!) There is also the background worry of work drying up. But that's fine with me. Because, I am living, breathing and experiencing the life that makes me truly content and fulfilled.

Yes it's a 24/7 lifestyle..... But being a photographer isn't half fun!!! 

So much of today's society seems to promote the standard life of leave school, get a job, work 50 years, retire and die. Now that can make people very happy, but counting down the days to retirement and constantly looking for an exit strategy seems a complete waste of time. I can honestly say that I have no plans to retire or need to balance my work with my life. Because they are the same entity. Yes, being freelance has its pitfalls, and for some people it's just not viable. However, I would urge everyone to follow their passion and to make that passion a focus in their life. For more on this topic, I have found great value in the photographer Chase Jarvis and marketer Gary Vee. They are far more qualified to discuss this so look them up and be inspired! 


Benjamin x 

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