Those who know me are bored rigid with my speeches about the virtues and benefits of photography. I bang on about how it allows you to be creative, it promotes engagement with your surroundings, it improves self awareness and it's something you can do whatever stage of life your at. I'm off again!!!... So, I thought I would channel this photography obsession, preach to the converted and teach photography.

Two young people sharpening their skills on a workshop

Photo credit- Ben Marsh Allen 

1-1 Photography workshops

Every 1-1 session I do differs slightly. Some people want to learn about how to get the most out of their camera and others need some assistance with composition and technique. I am a big believer in the camera being just a tool. What makes truly great photos is not mega pixels but rather the willingness to express yourself visually. My sessions aim to explore these themes and ensure your photo skills go through the roof!

Cameras don't take photos. People do. 

Group/organisation photography workshops

 Usually in the form of photowalks, the group photography workshops are practical with the emphasis on engaging people with their surroundings. So many of us think that to make great photos, you need to be in great places. Nothing could be further from the truth! It's your vision, creativity and willingness to explore that makes great photos. The workshops I teach provide the tools to improve all these aspects to ensure that wherever you happen to be, an amazing photo is never far away. To give an idea of outcomes you can expect from my group photography course- see the video below.

6 week photography course with Princes Trust. Final exhibition at The Turner, Margate. 

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, and wherever you are on your photography journey- get in touch to discuss a project. Let's collaborate! 

You can do this via the website or on 07731 769601.


Benjamin x

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